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In a reality under transformation, Mutiny is in the air. Defying archaic ideas of identity, Maison Margiela renders in scent the outlook of a new self-expression.

Mutiny materialises in a unifying riot against conformity and heralds a subverted view on norms. Rules are broken. Roles hybridise and mutate. Glamour, a universal desire, exists solely in the eye of the beholder.

Discover Mutiny

The Bottle

The classic anatomy of a perfume bottle is subverted through the codes of Maison Margiela, reducing the familiar to reveal its true core. Multi-faceted in structure and creed, it represents the individuality and diversity of every mutinist.


The bottle was created through the process of décortiqué. Maison Margiela’s term for deconstructing objects to expose their essential frame. The gilded bottle top is stripped to its structural frame forming a crowning view of the cap inside. The typical perfume bottle is mutinied in shape revealing its authenticity from the inside.

The "anonymity of the lining" is the artisanal term employed by creative director John Galliano to name Margiela nods signature. This fashion technique that celebrates unseen components of a garment is used to magnify the Mutiny metal emblem.

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To be yourself is the greatest act of mutiny.

The Fragrance

Maison Margiela's décortiqué technique is applied to the fragrance itself as well, peeling off the layers of each ingredient to define its scent. Tuberose, traditionally associated with a strong sense of femininity, is reduced to its powerful core: flower leather. This flower is a precious small white one with an opulent and extremely tenacious scent, and a most intense sillage. Its absolute is one the most expensive in the world. The transformation is ecstatic, erotic and complex. A multi-faceted femininity freed from gender roles.An authentic sense of self. An aroma of unconscious glamour.


The Perfumer

Master perfumer Dominique Ropion collaborated with John Galliano on creating a truly authentic fragrance. Inspired by the methodology of Maison Margiela, he structured the fragrance from the artisanal perspective native to the Haute Couture procedures. The most intricate flower in perfume-making, the Tuberose, was reduced to its core creating the mix of a familiar elegance with an unprecedented leathery accord with safran, oud and vanilla.

Smell its creation

In Mutiny, I wanted to allow the tuberose to express all its potential in a very contemporary way. Dominique Ropion

Meet the mutinists

Each mutinist personifies the diversity and individuality filtered into Mutiny. As strong defiant women, they accept their differences as they know they make them unique. Their message is that of embracing what makes us unique and authentic. They vocalise their personal manifestos for what it means to be a mutinist.

Mutiny 90ml