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REPLICA Autumn Vibes

Earthy & Addictive

REPLICA Autumn Vibes

REPLICA Autumn Vibes

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Scent type:Earthy and addictive eau de toilette

Fragrance description:
The delight of a colorful day of fall. A pure moment of escape and gathering. Autumn Vibes is a woody spicy fragrance, slightly resinous and earthy, that captures the feeling of escapism in an autumnal forest.

The sound of the colorful leaves and acorns crisping beneath heavy footsteps. The breath of fresh air and woody trail of the ancient trees. The delight of being at one with nature.

This fragrance brings you a vibrant sensation of escapism thanks to its woody freshness.

The Cedar wood brings majesty and refinement to this woody and resinous fragrance.

The Carrot Seeds combined with Red Berries and Cardamom recreate the colors and the aromatic spicy freshness of the autumn forest.

The perfumer, Fanny Bal, choose the cedarwood to evoke the ancient trees of the forest and the sensation of escapism. When you smell the fragrance you can feel the underwood sensation that is mainly carried by the moss accord and its earthy, damp and mineral facets. All together these ingredients make you feel at one with nature.

Autumn Vibes is woody and spicy, with resinous and earthy inflections.

- Pink Pepper CO2 Essence : The CO2 essence of Pink Pepper is obtained using a unique process that extracts the essence at ambient temperature (and not high temperature that is most commonly used). As a result the scent of the CO2 essence is closer to the spicy scent of fresh pink pepper and more natural with aromatic and slightly floral inflections. The Pink Pepper essence brings a fresh and vibrant pep to the fragrance. Its fresh sparkling and peppery scent creates an invigorating and crunchy sensation that you can feel when your feet crunch red leaves and acorns as you walk through an Autumn forest.
Coriander Essence
- Cardamom Essence : Cardamom is the third most expensive spice in the world, after saffron and vanilla. The Essence of Cardamom offers sensual fresh notes to Autumn Vibes. Its scent is spicy and camphor-like, aromatic and slightly resinous. As a consequence, it is a great ingredient to evoke the red leaves crunched on the floor of an Autumn forest. Cardamom Oil is obtained through hydro distillation of seeds.

- Carrot seeds Essence
- Nutmeg Essence
- Olibanum Essence

- Cedarwood Heart Essence: Cedar Wood is a very modern wood with refined and surprisingly sharp inflections. For this fragrance, the perfumer used Virginia Cedar wood for its refined and more subtle scent. This heart essence of Cedarwood is obtained by fractional distillation and selection of the most pleasant fraction of the essence so that it reveals a more creamy and less dry and less resinous facet. It makes it more pleasant, more round, and keeps its fresh elegant and modern woody trail. Cedar Wood is a sacred tree, the symbol of immortality and incorruptibility.
- Moss Accord : In this fragrance the moss accord has a warmer tone, keeping its earthy and bark-like inflection. Its earthy and warm mineral note is giving its undergrowth & wet forest accents to Autumn Vibes. The scent of moss is very true to nature, with dry, earthy, green, and bark-like qualities.
- Fir Balsam Absolute


Eau de Toilette


Due to the possibility of modifications, we recommend checking the product's ingredient list directly on the container.

How to use

  1. As damp skin locks in the scent, apply the fragrance straight after showering or bathing and before getting dressed.
  2. Apply the fragrance on your pulse points for a more seductive effect and stronger diffusion. Spray the fragrance from at least 15-20 centimeters from the area of application.
  3. For a more diffused effect, spray the fragrance in the air and walk through it.
  4. Wait until the fragrance has dried down on your skin before smelling it. Rubbing the skin after spraying the perfume will destroy the bond and alter the scent.


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The feeling of escapism from a stroll in the underwood of an autumn forest is created by the combination of Cedar Wood essence and the Moss accord. Cedar Wood essence is at the center of this fragrance, as the sacred tree of an ancient forest. It brings a refined and sophisticated woody trail that evoke the forest ancient trees. In this fragrances the Moss accord has a warmer tone, keeping its earthy and bark-like damp inflection. It gives its undergrowth and wet forest accents to Autumn Vibes
The vibrant sensation of red leaves crunching under one’s feet is created by the combination of Pink Pepper essence and Cardomom essence. These two fresh spices have slightly aromatic facets that reproduce the vibrant colors of autumn leaves and recreate in a fresh spicy bite the sound of your feet crunching the leaves on the floor.

The fragrance can be described as a woody freshness: vibrant, woody, invigorating

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